NOTE: I'm payed via CashApp or my Ko-Fi
'Cashtag' : $EmmieWowie

  • PLEASE DO NOT use my art for A.i. or NFTs.

  • I have the right to reject any commission for any reason.

  • You're not allowed to trace or claim the piece as your own.

  • you may post the finished piece with credit.

  • If you want something specific. PLEASE. Be specific


  • You are allowed to share your commission on your social media

  • You MUST credit back to me. preferably to my site or to my Twitter page.

  • I reserve right to use commissioned artworks for portfolio use


  • Noting that I make is to be used for anything involving blockchain-related technology, including but not limited to NFTs, cryptocurrency, or any future inventions in the space. client is prohibited to sell or redistribute the work, or anything implied as representing the work in any way, via these technologies.

Animted Chibis

$90 USD
Slots: 3/4


Please follow these guidelines if you want to make fan art of me or my characters

☆No NSFW. a pin up or a bit of skin showing is fine.
☆Gore is okay. just not excessive gore.